NEW One V3 - How fast is it, and how does it compare to its predecessor?

July 20, 2017

Its FAST, and its Fast. Did we mention it's fast?




Being the lightest shoe in the Altra road running range, the One series has always been an extremely popular shoe for fast, short to middle distance road runners who prefer a lower to the ground stack height.  Altra’s latest release, the One V3, is no exception to this, and keeps that fast, racey feel of its predecessors, but with added improvements in aesthetics, durability and responsiveness.


One 2.5 vs One V3



The most notable improvement with the One V3 is its visual aesthetics. The design team ramped up the intensity and developed a design that compliments the One V3 high tempo, fast and racey appearance. Not only is the old “bowling shoe” look of the One 2.5 a thing of the past, but the new design has done away with the harder toe-cap area of the previous version, which  some runners found to be an irritation. The V3 upgrade gives more volume to the toe area and the updated material ensures a more comfortable ride for a wider variety of runners.


Previous models in the One series also made use of a super light mesh which offered very little structure and at times could be rather flimsy.  The V3 has kept the similar feel, using the same last, but now incorporates updated material with more TPU overlays, providing more structure and upper durability. This updated upper does make the V3 37grams heavier than the One 2.5, but the durability of the V3 increases dramatically.



The V3 does not have the same soft ride as the One 2.5, as it has a firmer, more performance feel. It is also not as flexible as its predecessor. The firmer Innerflex midsole means that the One V3 is more responsive which results in decreased foot contact time and increased cadence, perfect for road racing and speed training.


The V3 outsole also and more notably features an increased number of blown rubber pads, now along the heel and forefoot to further increase durability and create far better foot traction and toe-off. The positioning of these "pads" is based on previous wear patterns and data collected from runners wearing previous versions of the One series.

                                                                   Highlighting Blown Rubber "Pads" for added durability



Not only does this add durability, but also adds to the slightly firmer feel, designed to compliment the  “go-fast” experience.


Who would LOVE the One V3?

The One V3 is a lightweight (215grams) road racing flat (23mm stack height) that can handle anything from race day to up-tempo workouts.  The FootShape toe box and fully cushioned Zero Drop platform keep you comfortable and running with proper form even on tired legs.

The One V3 does not have the same soft feel as the previous One 2.5 model - it is firmer, and more performance-minded for road racing and speed training sessions. If you are looking for a softer feel more similar to the One 2.5, we would recommend the much praised and hugely successful Escalante. The Altra Escalante is equipped with Altra Ego energy returning compound, which gives you a soft yet still responsive feel.


                                          ONE V3                                                                                                         ESCALANTE



The One V3 is a shoe that ticks all the right boxes from high intensity speed sessions, marathon running your everyday gym and fitness workouts. Internally, 3 company employees have tested the One 3.0, 2 of which have reported new PB's for 2017 over 10km & 15km. 


Altra is continually raising the bar across all performance running shoes, and the Altra One V3 is no exception. We’ve been putting the shoe throught their paces, and we are loving this update. 



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